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Hello, my name is Dennis Crowson and I study human rights in the University of New York, I am very interested in studying countries of formal Soviet Union, my grandmother was from Ukraine and she always told me stories about how hard the life was in the Soviet Union, how badly the people were treated by the government, therefore I was terror-stricken by this topic and decided to study human rights.I want to tell you a story about what happened to me when I was travelling to Georgia. You see Georgia is a little country which was, may I say occupied by Russia and forcefully attached to the Soviet Union from the year 1921, only seventy years later it was possible for Georgians to exclude themselves from the Union. Soviet Union was not an ordinary as one can imagine by himself, group of countries cooperating with each other and defending each other, in the Soviet Union things were different, it was more like an empire with Russia in its leading spot and when the empire is trying to build communism thing could very likely go wrong.

For example every member of the Soviet Union, including Georgia had to endure harsh reforms, that were executed upon them, human rights was never an issue in these countries, people were deprived of their basic rights and had to live every moment of their lives, according to the governments rules. For example in times of Joseph Stalin’s ruling, there was a 24 hour court system implemented, which meant that if the person was caught and was suspected in any crimes involving treason or spying, in the next 24 hours he or she was facing the court that included 3 agents of NKVD (People’s Commissariat for Internal Affairs) and in most cases the sentence was either execution or exile for the rest of his or her life. (let me add one thing, someone could think that charges in either cases must have been properly investigated, before making a decision, but it was not the case in Soviet Union, a man could have easily been killed or exiled for life, because his neighbor didn’t like him and decided to denounce him without any evidence of his crimes, it was easily enough).

You can imagine how hard the life was in countries of Soviet Union. When the government is trying to control every aspect of human life, it’s hard for people to progress as a nation, because of that the era of Soviet Union is considered to be the era of degradation in countries that were part of it. In early 90s authority of the Soviet Union started to shatter and soon enough it stopped existing. Goergia and other countries were facing another problem from here now, the economical situation was in crisis, because every country in Soviet Union was economically bound to each other, one country couldn’t produce a product from start to finish, it was planned this way by the government and the motive was to make countries of Soviet Union dependant on each other. Until early 2000s Georgia was hampered by this situation, so my plan was to travel to Georgia and analyze the progress of this specific situation.

When I arrived in Georgia’s capital city Tbilisi, u was pleasantly surprised by the situation around me, it was more like an European country, with its infrastructure and development. Some countries that were a part of the Soviet Union didn’t quite came out of the social and economical crisis in which they were thrown after the fall of the Union, but Georgia didn’t seem to be one of them, that was because of the proper ways of development that was implemented by the Georgian government, they knew that stopping or getting back to Russia was a very bad choice, so Georgian government decided to pursue a path that would lead them to the European Union. Nowadays Georgia is one step away from joining the EU.

In Tbilisi I met a musician and also the son of the first political figure in Georgia, musician bera Meeting him was not a coincidence, because he was the man that toured his whole country in hope of giving his people hope that the party which he stood for was the right choice for Georgians, till that day Georgian government was controlled either by the Russian empire, or the corrupt politicians who didn’t think about the fate of Georgian people. Eventually the right government came in power and things started to change in Georgia. Georgian culture started to regenerate and even prosper and even though the times of Soviet Union terror has ended for good, people still remember through what their ancestors had to go to give them a chance of better living, a chance to live in a good country.




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Bloons High Rise Defense is actually a popular flash game the impossible quiz that has actually been actually developing for pretty some time. Today, you will certainly find many versions from the Bloons High Rise Self defense Video game, phoned number one by means of five.

Regarding the Activity

Bloons High Rise Self defense possesses you participating in as a monkey where you must come as numerous bloons as possible. Depending upon the version of you participate in, you are going to either be shooting the Return Man down on your own or establishing high rises where the apes will certainly shoot the bloons down based upon where you set them.

There are a lot of upgrades along with different bloon kinds, different monitors, Special Broker Platforms, Unique Purposes as well as a lot more.

Just how the Activity is actually Played

Once you select which Run 3 Unblocked you intend to participate in, you will certainly go through the straightforward internet guidelines offered. You will certainly after that position towers throughout the board that are accountable for rejecting bloons (or even balloons). Relying upon the method you select, you will definitely be actually shooting tacks, stones or some various other object in purchase to come the balloon.

As you obtain even more places, you have the capability to improve to much better high rises to ensure that you possess a better odds of obliterating all the bloons. This video game can end up being quickly addictive given that of the need to stand out as lots of bloons as achievable.

There are actually a variety of modes that you can easily choose: novice, intermediate and also innovative. This will establish what devices you have and also the quantity from controls that you have.

You can easily handle the entire activity with your mouse to play. You are going to hit to either location the towers on the video game panel or even you will definitely be actually able to manage your cursor to ignite at the bloons.

Tips & Tricks

The only method to access each of the exclusive upgrades are with even more points. Conserve up your indicate have the ability to upgrade game to either an increased firing distance or even to a much better dart. Bear in mind that some bloons are actually tougher to obliterate compared to others, therefore you will need to have one thing stronger to puncture the balloon.

Job towards unlocking fast-track mode, which costs 3,000 Monkey Amount of money. This will definitely permit you to utilize your bloon putting time even more successfully. It is going to let you bypass earlier rounds and also go right into Round till 26.

This is actually where you wish to place the very most apes. As long as the bulk of your apes are actually by the entry and also no even further in comparison to Learn To Fly 2 game the 1st turn, at that point none from the bloons should be actually able to receive previous.

You might likewise would like to save up for a Super Monkey to ensure you may appreciate an also much better video game.

Receiving Begun

The site is entirely free, allowing you to attempt each of the versions of Bloons High rise Protection to find which one you like much better. You don’t need any special tools or software to play the game. Simply open Tunnel Rush game in your web browser, pick which variation you desire to participate in and begin checking out the monkeys go to city on the other bloons.

This is just one of the more calculated flash activities that you will definitely locate online. Some people like Bloons Tower Defense 1 this finest while others choose 4 or 5. You will certainly must play Cube field all of them done in order to decide which one you like the very best.

When you get conforming, go ahead and also “like” the website as well as portion that with each one of your buddies. You will certainly manage to track your improvement with numerous success and also levels, allowing you to compare your capabilities to your buddies’ capabilities.

Bloons High Rise Protection is a preferred flash activity that has actually been advancing for pretty some opportunity. The 1st model came to be thus preferred that followers of the started asking for a part two. Today, you will find several models of the Bloons High Rise Defense Activity, numbered one by means of five.

As soon as you select which activity you really want to participate in, you will read the basic on the web guidelines supplied. In game fudge you do not need to have any sort of special equipment or software to participate in the game.